Meal Delivery Recommendations: Fuel and Farm Hill

Many of my clients and followers want to eat healthy and are trying to make changes to their diets to reduce body fat or gain muscle mass. While your exercise program is key to eliciting physical changes, your nutrition is equally as important. I cater to busy professionals and often they just don't have time to grocery shop and meal prep. They prefer to outsource cooking but want to make sure they are getting nutritious and tasty meals that fit their caloric and macronutrient needs. These are my two favorite meal deliver services that won't disappoint.

Fuel Meals

Fuel Meals offers a tasty variety of preset meals and custom meals that won't break the bank (most are less than $10). They also offer gluten-free, vegetarian and paleo options. They publish all the nutritional info for each meal so if you are tracking your macros you will have all the info you need to stay on track. Order here. 

Farm Hill

Farm Hills meals are awesome, especially for those who are too busy to prep a healthy lunch. If you order your lunch by 1030a you can get it delivered same day to your office or home. And many of my clients will pick up one entree for lunch and another for dinner. They are balanced, healthy and tasty and have all the kcal/macros published if you are tracking. Order here.