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JJ has been an amazing addition to NCC Group’s wellness program. His workshops are not only fun but very informative. JJ’s expertise and passion for fitness, health and nutrition really shows in his work. You can see the joy it brings him helping others achieve their own goals towards a healthier lifestyle.
— Cynthia Corsi, HR Engagement Manager for NCC Group
Working with JJ has yielded a fusion of education and excitement among my colleagues! He’s brought knowledge and fun to a more necessary path to health and wellness in a tough industry! It’s been great to see adoption of his techniques throughout the place and there is definitely a palpable increase in our vitality!
— Tom Gaynor, Operating Manager Partner, San Francisco for Nixon Peabody
JJ’s presentation on Stress Management was full of useful, practical, easy tips for countering the sources of stress and anxiety we face in our professional (and personal) lives. His interactive approach with his audience is very effective, and his enthusiasm for the topic is palpable, not to mention influential. I’m so glad I recommended this session to our Legal Department at Salesforce.
— Tom Kelly

Working closely with HR, executive leadership and program teams at leading Bay Area companies, I strategize, implement and measure corporate wellness initiatives. Each engagement is tailored to a company’s unique culture, workforce and budget versus a "one size fits" all approach. My corporate clients currently include law firms, banks and tech companies with head counts ranging from 10-10,000+. 

Can Corporate Wellness Have an Impact?

Balancing the need for billable hours, deliverables and sales with employee wellness is challenging. HR teams and senior leadership at SF’s most innovative companies are taking strides to integrate wellness into corporate culture. Consider the following:

  • Employees who workout three times per week can reduce their healthcare costs by an average of 44% (Blue Cross Blue Shield).

  • For every $1 spent per year on wellness programs, medical costs drop by $3.27 and absenteeism costs drop by $2.73 (Katherine Baicker, Harvard School of Public Health).

  • Employers with worksite health promotion programs can reduce sick leave absenteeism by 27% (IHRSA).

  • A study by NASA found employees who didn’t exercise regularly were 50% less efficient.

What Does a Wellness Program Look Like?

I help my clients determine what program components and schedule will have the biggest impact. Many programs include a mix of:

Who I Work With

I've been fortunate to work with some of the Bay Area's most innovative and forward-thinking companies including the partial list below. Contact me to discuss consulting with your company.

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