Expert Spotlight: Dr. Brad Bailey of SF Custom Chiropractic

I am regularly asked who I trust for chiropractic and soft tissue work. For many years I've worked with the amazing team at SF Custom Chiropractic (SFCC) led by Dr. Adam Jacobs. The doctors and staff at SFCC have helped me overcome back pain, a rotated pelvis, muscle spasms, shoulder impingement and most recently plantar fasciitis.

Dr. Jacobs and his wunderkind associate Dr. Brad Bailey have not only helped me, but have helped dozens of my clients achieve pain free movement, better range of motion and structural symmetry though an integrative approach that includes soft tissue work like ART, chiropractic adjustments, clinical massage and kinesiotaping. They have become my trusted partners for my own body and the bodies of my clients and we often collaborate together to ensure treatment and training programs are aligned. 

I do not give recommendations lightly. Through consistent, exemplary care and results Dr. Bailey has earned my highest recommendation and gratitude. If you are in pain and need the care of a talented and thoughtful practitioner give him a call.  

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