Do You Know What a Pichuberry Is? You Should.

Most folks are familiar with the word “superfood”. It’s a general, non scientific term used to describe a food that provides high values of an important vitamin or mineral, phytonutrients and/or antioxidants that have been shown to have health benefits. They are foods that are generally accepted as being hella good for you like sweet potatoes, kale and salmon.

I asked my pal, leading nutritional expert and author Manuel Villacorta, M.S., R.D. to explain the benefits of one particular superfood that you likely have never heard of (I hadn’t): the pichuberry.

Watch this 2 ½ minute video to learn why this fruit from the Andes of Peru might just be your new favorite snack or smoothie enhancer. These sweet and tasty little suckers, which look a lot like cherry tomatoes, are popping up in grocery stores all over including Safeway. Click here to find a store near you. One serving provides 39% of your daily vitamin D needs, are full of Withanolides which can decrease unhealthy inflammation and are a good choice for those looking to drop a few of those holiday pounds.

Pro tip: Like most superfoods, many of the beneficial nutrients in the pichuberry are fat soluble.  Be sure to eat them alongside a serving of healthy fat (such as flax seeds, avocado or almonds) to get all the benefits they pack. And check out all of Manuel’s favorite Peruvian Power Foods.