Q&A with Nicole Lana Lee: Fitness and Nutrition Are Helping Her “Be the Best Version of Herself”

I’m fortunate enough to train some pretty amazing people. Among them is the lovely (both on the inside and out) Nicole Lana Lee. In addition to being a financial wiz, she is also the force behind NicoleLana.com and a force to be reckoned with in the gym, on the surfboard and in the yoga studio. She was kind enough to share her insights on how her fitness journey and personal training have affected her life. Enjoy! - JJ

Q. Why is training important to you and what is your #1 goal?

A: Training makes me feel productive, pushes my limits, and energises me, especially if I've had a busy or a "meeeh" day. I also find that I feel better about myself emotionally, physically and spiritually after training.

Given my last two years of hardcore time at the gym, I've had quite a lot of compliments on my change in body shape as well as improvement in strength and posture. I take this improvement seriously, because my hard work and persistence has been paying off. I also feel more confident in my body as well as my overall understanding of fitness and health.

I've made it a point to prioritise training and make sure I get my workouts in a few times a week, even when I'm traveling. Working out 4-5x a week is non-negotiable in my opinion, whether it be a surf, power yoga, weights, cardio, etc.

My #1 goal: Be the best version I can be, and truly understand why I am doing certain exercises. This is also why I enjoy working out with JJ because JJ explains to me in-depth, with patience, why he wants me to do a certain exercise. This demonstrates to me JJ's passion in training, commitment to his clients, and in-depth knowledge of fitness.

Q. What are your favorite (and least favorite) exercises that JJ makes you do?

A: As weird as this sounds, I love doing hip thrusts, back squats, and most butt exercises JJ asks me to do, other than the bulgarian split squat (but I do them because I trust him).

Q. What's your favorite post workout snack?

A: If it's in the summer, my favourite smoothie (here is a link). I also love Urban Remedy's Cacao Almond Protein Bar (here is a link). Sometimes I'll just have a banana, or some sprouted almonds post workout.

Q: What advice do you have for people considering starting a fitness and health program?

A. Find exercises/classes you really enjoy and like. It's so much easier to workout if you are looking forward to a class, versus dragging yourself to a class you don't really enjoy.

Work with a trainer whom you resonate with, because a trainer can really get you started with the fundamentals of training, teach you correct posture and form so you don't injure yourself. A trainer can also push you way harder than you normally would push yourself, in most circumstances.

I'd also read up on nutrition and try to eat as much whole and fresh foods as possible. Nutrition is key to achieving your health goals.

Q: Tell us about your web site why it's important to you.

A: My website nicolelana.com is an online media platform that provides tools to teach, positively inspire, and enable health conscious and busy people to lead a healthier life in a fun and sustainable way. My site curates the very best advice from my favorite doctors, dietitians, chefs, fitness gurus, health experts.

My website is important to me because it provides in-depth, expert knowledge of health and wellness to my readers in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. I believe this can allow readers to be make daily, informed decisions which can transform their health and life.