Welcome Sumner Weldon to SoulCycle NorCal

It's no secret that when I can snag 45m-60m away from the gym I love a good SoulCycle class. I was bummed when my go to instructor Andrew Stinger reduced his hours to tackle the world of tech. But when I stumbled into Sumner Weldon's class recently I knew I hit gold. Her energy is awesome and her class is a solid workout. What impressed me most was her programming. She includes some really awesome stretches and mobility drills after the weights section that no other instructors are doing and are MUCH needed for today's rider. So I was thrilled to connect with her after class to learn more about her. Check her out.

What brought you to SoulCycle and to SF?

Dance brought me to SoulCycle. I was a professional dancer in LA for the past 10 years. SoulCycle fell in my lap and it was the perfect transition from dance to fitness. I still get to be creative with music, playlist, dancing and performing while inspiring and motivating people at the same time. I just recently moved to SF in September of 2017. My boyfriend is from Danville and he owns an insurance company with his father which brought us to NorCal. 

What can a rider expect to get out of your class? 

A rider can expect to push past their limitations while having a damn good time doing it. I like to switch up what we call the "arc" of class. None of my classes are the same so you won't get bored or expect what's coming next. I'm very high energy, play a lot of hiphop, love to dance around and connect with every single person in the room. 

Any advice for new folks who might be nervous to try SoulCycle for the first time?

Don't be nervous. Do what you can, when you can. Enjoy the vibes, the energy and what we create in the room together. I got you!

I LOVED the towel mobility drills you integrated into class. Why is that important? 

I love to switch up the upper body section or "weights.'  When we use the towel to dig a little deeper in our core, you feel a different kind of burn and use muscles you might not have felt before. I also think it's important to open up, twist, lean and elongate your muscles while toning at the same time. 

What do you want everyone to know about you/your style of teaching?

Because i will always be a dancer at heart, you can expect to groove and have a lot of choreography throughout my class. I'm very aware of the body so queuing while giving description is also very important to me so you know exactly what your working and how to engage your body.