Nutrition Coaching

Having struggled for decades to achieve a balanced, healthy approach to nutrition I completely understand the frustration many of my clients go through. I help them realistically look at their current eating habits and goals and determine incremental, manageable improvements that will have the biggest impact.

I do not push or promote any specific diets, supplements or products. I encourage eating real food that fits each client’s food ethic and lifestyle focusing on the 12 Pillars of Nutrition and Flexible "Dieting". Together we leverage the right tools for ensuring success and long-term health versus unsustainable, unhealthy crash diets or fads. Some of these tools include periodic food journaling, meal prep strategies and recipes, identifying healthy delivery and restaurant options, pre-/post-workout nutrition as well as advanced approaches like macronutrient splits.

How does it work?  

I integrate nutrition coaching into personal training sessions for my personal training clients. I also offer standalone nutrition coaching for non personal training clients.

I charge $120/hour and typically first sessions are one hour with two follow up 30m sessions at $60 every two weeks to check in on your progress. Usually that's enough to get clients on the right track, but of course some clients like to continue the occasional check in calls/meetings as needed which I'm open to. Typically these are done over the phone but can also be done in person at my office downtown at 582 Market Street #310 (the Hobart Building). 

I am Precision Nutrition L1 Certified. I am not a nutritionist or registered dietician (and I don’t pretend to be). If my client has needs beyond my legal and ethical scope of practice and training, I refer them to and partner with some of the industry's leading speciality healthcare professionals. Together we provide a holistic, integrated approach to ensure health from the inside out. 

Ready to get started?

  1. Click here and complete my new client intake questionnaire. I will review it, cull together relevant info for us to discuss and email it to you before our first call.
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  3. Submit payment within 24 hours of our first meeting via Venmo (@Jonathan-Jordan-8) or PayPal (
  4. Questions? Contact me.
I have had three sessions with JJ over the past few months and am thrilled to say that I am only 3 pounds away from my goal weight. JJ is a sympathetic and understanding person who works with you to get to the heart of your issues and then gives you the tools to effectively and realistically deal with them. I always heard people talking about carbs, protein, sugar, fat but never really applied them to what I ate. By examining my diet, JJ made me understand my relationship with food so much better, explaining that it is not all or nothing when it comes to watching what you eat. Eating healthier doesn’t necessarily mean giving up everything you love to eat.
— Dan L.
JJ’s attention in both listening to what I wanted to achieve through nutrition counseling and then designing a program for me, was invaluable. It turned out that I did not need to deprive myself at all in getting a leaner physique – in fact quite the opposite. I learned how the combination of the foods I had been consuming, even in moderation, were not sufficient for my goals. In no time, I felt less hungry, more energetic and also lost some weight.
— Michael D.
JJ's Guide to Eating Clean and Getting Lean

In this guide, I’ll provide you with a framework and tools for eating to your body composition goals that will still allow you to enjoy your life. My coaching methods have helped hundreds of clients reduce their body fat, get strong and become healthier and more energetic. Ditch the diets and learn a practical and effective way to approach eating for safe, long-term results.  Includes JJ’s top 20 recipes and meal planning ideas.

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