What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training?

Marcia Robles and I have been experimenting with Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training this month. With BFR training, bands restrict blow flow to the veins (but not the arteries) which allows a bigger pump and the build up of lactic acid which triggers an anabolic response in the muscle. This 7 minute video is super helpful and has some compelling assessment data and guidance. 

Main programming points:

  1. Use lighter weight (40-50% what you normally lift).
  2. Higher rep range (15-30 reps with a focus on the squeeze).
  3. Short rest between sets (~30s). 

I purchased these bands on Amazon for about $30. We incorporate the bands at the end of my normal workout. For instance, after I hit my big complex compound chest lifts (bench press, incline DB press) we used them for chest flies on the pec deck and cable bicep isolation work. So far I'm pleased with the results!