JJ's Body Challenge Workout and Playlists

I've had the privilege of instructing my Body Challenge strength class at Equinox Pine Street for over a year. We started with Tuesdays at 6a and when folks asked for more we added Thursdays at 6a. Over time my crew of morning ninjas has grown and my core students have gotten stronger, improved their posture and become more athletic. They've learned how to safely perform all the main lifts (squats, deadlifts, lunges, pulls and presses) and how to create stability in their cores. When my students travel they tell me they really miss my class and their community. So now you can take a little piece of Pine Street with you on the road. Just toss an ankle band in your carry on and you'll be good to go!

Warm Up

1 minute side steps with ankle band
1 minute of hand walkouts


Circuit x 3 sets 1 minute each
Goblet Squats
Dumbbell (or Kettlebell) Deadlifts
Reverse Lunges Dumbbells at Side (30s each leg)

Upper Body

Circuit x 3 sets 1 minute each
Bent-over Dumbbell (or Kettlebell) Row (30s each arm)
Band Breaks (optional add alternating reverse lunge) OR Banded Lat Pull Down (30s each arm)
Plank Up Downs (alternating left and right)


Circuit x 3 sets 1 minute each
Eccentric Leg Lower (decline bench or flat on floor with hands under butt) 
Glider (or towel) Slides
Side Plank Variations (30s each side)


Best of Body Challenge (Janelle Monae, Taylor Swift, Jordin Sparks) 
Old School (Janet, Madonna, Mary J, Ace of Base)
Something for Everybody (Lorde, Black Caviar, Mura Masa)