My Favorite Hamstring Stretch

A lot of folks, including myself, have tight hamstrings that foam rolling, static stretching and basic dynamic stretches can’t seem to tackle. Chronically tight hamstrings can lead to compensations in movement patterns, pain behind the knees and lower back and other nasty injuries and problems.

For the past few months I’ve practiced a basic move using a monster band (I like #3 green for a moderate resistance) and have noticed an incredible difference in my hamstring flexibility and overall mobility including the absence of lower back ache. I’ve used this technique with about a dozen clients so far and those who have done it consistently have seen solid results. Added bonus, you get the benefits of leg inversion.  

Check out a demonstration in the video below by yours truly. Yes, I know. It’s a super flattering angle. The things I do for you people. ;)

If you have tight hamstrings, give it a shot. Just remember to spend at least 2 minutes on each leg and don’t go too far too fast. Ease into it as it’s meant to be a dynamic stretch that you intensify over time. You can also try this banded hip distraction/hamstring flossing technique from Kelly Starrett.

Obviously if you are injured, have short hamstrings or experience pain check with your doctor before attempting this or any flexibility program.