Two Go-To Dynamic Warm Ups for Any Workout

Rather than passively forcing our muscles into painful, temporary and ineffective lengthening which can (in some cases) reduce your performance it's generally advisable to take your muscles and joints through a dynamic warm up to prep the body. And even if static stretching is part of your program it's still a good idea to perform a dynamic warm up before a cardio or resistance training workout (especially for those who work all day at a desk, in a car or regularly use computers and mobile devices). For more on the benefits of dynamic stretching check out this New York Times article

Here are two of my favorite dynamic warm ups that I give clients to do before workouts and even throughout the day at work or on rest days. No matter what you're about to do (long run, sprints, yoga, spin, heavy squats, dead lifts, bench press, back - whatever) the first one has you covered. These Hand Walk Outs prep the body for just about every possible movement and take your joints meant to be mobile through a safe range of motion while warming up your shoulders and core. And the second shows you two of the most effective hip warm up varieties that gently mobilize the hips and help lubricate the hip socket.