Q: Can You Really Hit Your Ideal Protein Goal? A: Yes! Here's How.

Many of my nutrition and training clients find success in flexible dieting. If their goal is fat loss, the most important thing is to maintain a modest calorie deficit over time. But if maintaining or building lean muscle is also a goal, we have to make sure they are hitting their protein target. Sometimes this means aiming for ~175-200g protein in a day on a ~2,400kcal diet which can seem impossible at first. So here is a sample day for how that can be achieved that won't leave you starving and will likely leave you feeling full and satisfied. 

Everyone's kcal and macro targets will be slightly different depending on your fitness, activities, goals and body type. I help my clients determine what those should be. I work with a lot of guys in their 30s who are trying to lean out and add a little muscle. So the following is a pretty common kcal/macros goal along with a sample menu and recipes for how to hit it. Also checkout this post for more ideas on how to get in quality protein. Hungry for more? Checkout JJ's Guide to Eating Clean and Getting Lean

Daily Target

kcal = 2,400
protein = 200 gram
carbs = 220g
fat = 77g

How to Hit It

Click here for a detailed breakdown of the menu below from MyFitnessPal. 


Greek yogurt with almonds and blueberries


2 egg white muffins with chicken, broccoli and cheese
Brown Rice Cake with PB and sliced banana


8oz of Sonoma Chicken Salad (apples/walnuts) with a slice of Fitness Bread


Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Rx Bar


6 Turkey Meatballs (Trader Joe's) 
1 cup roasted potatoes
2 cups steamed broccoli


1/2 pint Halo Top "ice cream" with non-fat whipped cream