The Best JJFit Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

One of the biggest challenges my clients face is keeping consistent with working out while traveling. When they're home and able to come see me for training and group fitness at Equinox they know they are going to get safe and effective workouts. But when they travel for work or vacation they often go with the intention of working out, but when they get there they have no plan, get frustrated and end up doing nothing and regretting it. So I've compiled some of my own personal "do anywhere" workouts that require minimal equipment.

JJ's 8 Exercise Bodyweight Workout 

This one is perfect whether you're traveling for work or fun and all you need is this awesome hip circle (click here to get it). Try doing each move for 30s-1m each for 3-4 sets.

JJ's Water Jug Workouts

Sometimes you've just got to get creative if you want to lift some weights. When in P-town a few years ago I found these water jugs and created two fun workouts with them. Try doing each move for 30s-1m each for 3-4 sets. Workout 1 and Workout 2.

JJ's Body Challenge on the Road

Now if you have access to a gym and miss my Tuesday/Thursday Body Challenge class, I've got you covered. Click here for a Virtual Body Challenge class and playlist.