Try This Killer Bicep Bootcamp to Make Those Gunz Grow

It might be Fall in most of the country but in San Francisco we're getting ready for our "second summer" in October. And for a lot of SF boys Folsom is coming up which means chests and biceps will be front and center in a few weeks.

Looking to get a good bicep pump and stimulate hypertrophy of your gunz? Give this bicep bootcamp a go. It uses a variety of modalities (cables, barbells, dumbbells and TRX) and includes some advanced strategies like eccentrics and drop sets to make both your bicep heads safely bulge.

If you're super serious about gaining some inches in your arms you may also want to incorporate BFR training and consider a creatine supplement. Also be sure you are eating the right mix of macros after your workout.

The video below shows six moves. You can play with the reps and sets, but here's a good starting point.

  1. Narrow Underhand Grip Lat Pull Down 12x3

  2. TRX Inverted Bicep Curl 12x3

  3. Cable Rope Curls 12x3

  4. Bench Supported KB Twist Curls 15x3

  5. BB Pyramid Curls 20, 12, 10, 8 (increasing # with each set, if fail use swing and make eccentric)

  6. Hammer Curl Drop 10, 10, 10 (decreasing # with each set, if fail use swing and make eccentric)