Fit Pros to Watch: Q&A with Kylie Fan Fitness

Clients and friends often ask me who inspires me in the fitness word. Who do I look to for inspiration, innovation and perspiration? It's no secret I'm a big fan of Allison Tibbs, Marcia Robles, Andrew Stinger, Caroline Jordan and loads of other great trainers and instructors in the Bay Area. But I have to give a special shoutout to Kylie Fan who I've had the pleasure of working beside at Equinox Pine Street for years. She embodies what makes an amazing coach and colleague. She has a depth of technical knowledge and is dedicated to ongoing education, provides kind and thoughtful coaching to her clients and practices what she preaches in her own fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Simply put, she's someone to watch and follow! 



1. What made you want to become a personal trainer and nutrition coach?

I became a personal trainer and nutrition coach because I knew I wanted a career where I could help and inspire others. Prior to becoming a personal trainer, I was a collegiate softball coach at the junior college and Division-1 level. And shortly before that, I was playing softball at the Division-1 level for my alma mater the UC Davis Aggies (Go Ags!). Before starting my collegiate career as a player, I was intimidated by the weight room. I had never lifted weights or been on a strength and conditioning program. Not until the beginning of my second year playing softball did I begin to understand and appreciate the hard work that went into the improving in body for my sport. After my playing and coaching careers ended, fitness and exercise became my new passion, the passion that softball once was for me for 24 years. Today, I still have the opportunity to help and inspire others in a different avenue and with new clientele. I am able to use everything that I've learned from playing a demanding collegiate sport schedule, while working towards my B.S. in Exercise Biology, using my experiences in the athletic training room and physical therapy clinics, and apply skills from my M.S. in Sports Management. I'm truly blessed to be able to do what I do!

2. Can you tell us about your fitness philosophy, training style and the kinds of clients you work with?

My fitness philosophy is one that stems from my athletic background, I train my clients like athletes whether they were former collegiate athletes or have never played a sport before. Being able to integrate an athletic style of training, proper nutrition and athlete mindset within my sessions helps my clients succeed inside and outside the gym. My programs are composed of safe, functional and progressive movements that can help my clients reach their goals. I pride myself on being able to find what really motivates my clients, and use it as fuel to help push and motivate them. My training style can be described as challenging and ever changing because I'm always learning new things from my peers and mentors (JJ included!). I work with a wide spectrum of clients, those younger and older than me, with many different types of goals and ability levels. Because of my experiences in physical therapy setting from my own injuries and while working as an aide, I do tend to see clients that have or have had injuries in the past and are working their way back to full functionality.  

3. Who are your biggest influences? What five Instagram accounts inspire you most?

My biggest influencers to this day are my parents. They both motivate me to be the best that I can be- they were the ones who supported me through my athletic career, which was pivotal in order to get me where I am today. Other important influencers are my amazing peers at Equinox, the ones that I get to interact with and learn from every day. They continue to challenge what I know, and push myself outside of my comfort zone. Each and every single one of them have their own unique style that I love. And here are some of their Instagram accounts, please check them out and show them some love:

JJ Jordan: jonathanjordanfitness
Allison Tibbs: allisontibbs
Jessica Hout-Freeman: trainingwithjhf
Jeremy Dutra: jd_thenatural
Earl Dionson: asap_hookgrip

4. No cheating on this one. What are your five most played songs on your phone that get you through a tough workout. 

Honestly, I don't have a single song uploaded on my phone! I do use the app Soundcloud on the daily to find new music, artists and mixes. My music taste is really varies from electronic music to hip hop to funk. I typically like to listen to mixes (20 minutes or longer) so that I don't have to fuss around and pick a new song during my workout. Here are a few that I've been hooked on lately:

5. Where can potential clients work with you and what's the best way they can get in touch with you?

Potential clients can find me at Equinox Pine Street in San Francisco, CA. Please get me in touch with me via email: or through my FB or IG page.