Warning! Side Affects May Include Bikini Bod and Uncontrollable Happiness

Why is Kim smiling and glowing so bright in this picture we took at 5:30am on October 12?! Because it was reassessment day. We already knew her training program and nutritional tweaks were working because she was feeling stronger, had more endurance and her clothes were fitting great. But it's a good idea to check the numbers and make additional tweaks as needed for optimal results. 

In just two and a half months this amazing lady dropped 4.5% body fat, added 1.5 pounds of lean muscle and for the first time ever felt confident enough to buy a string bikini for her trip to Australia (she leaves tonight!). How did she do it? Consistency in her training with me 2x/week, following simple and manageable nutritional tweaks that fit her lifestyle and doing her prescribed homework while traveling for her busy career. 

More important than how she will look in that bikini (btw, she will look amazing) is the look on her face. That is the look of someone who loves her strength and knows she is improving her body and health. She is strong from the inside out and I couldn't be prouder. - JJ