At Jonathan Jordan Fitness, the acclaimed personal trainer and nutritional coach creates fitness programs custom tailored each of his clients with the intention to improve how each individual looks, feels, and lives. With his individualized approach to fitness and wellbeing, JJ trains clients of all ages, body types, and goals. His clientele includes individuals seeking to make physical changes for health or personal reasons, preparing for a major athletic or personal event such as Tough Mudder or a wedding, or recovering from joint or muscle injuries.

JJ’s one-on-one fitness programs extend past the confines of the gym, as he works with clients remotely, offering challenges, homework, and nutritional advice in-between sessions to ensure individuals remain accountable and engaged. Coaching his clients’ nutrition based on their fitness goals, JJ implements small, manageable changes week-by-week that have a lasting impact. Rather than focusing on dieting methods, JJ teaches individuals how to eat well to attain their desired physique with a practical approach uniquely designed to fit each client’s work, travel, and social schedules.

A dedicated trainer, nutritional coach, and mentor, JJ values himself on on his ability to forge personal connections with his clients and takes a great sense of pride in the results each individual he works with achieves.

Want to know what JJ’s clients say about him? Check out a handful of testimonials here. JJ is also happy to connect you directly with some of his past and current clients as references.


Contact JJ today for a complimentary assessment session to discuss your goals, injuries and health history; take appropriate baseline measurements; and to review your current diet so together you can chart a path toward your goals.