I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone who is trying to better themselves health wise consider working with JJ. As a former college athlete it was important for me to challenge myself and learn new ways to stay in shape after graduating and starting work, and I could not be happier with JJ and the program he has created to help me accomplish my goals.
I strongly recommend JJ to anyone considering personal training. I have worked with trainers for many years in New York and San Francisco and there is just NO comparison to JJ. JJ is the most consistent, knowledgeable, on-top-of-life, and supportive trainer I have ever had. He exceeded my expectations from our very first conversation, making sure he had all of the details on my past back injury and that we were aligned on my fitness goals. He reliably keeps me motivated and accountable. JJ is the BEST trainer at Equinox
JJ is what makes Equinox exceptional and worth my time and money. My job has done a number on my body through many hours at a desk: shoulder problems, poor posture, weight gain and nagging hip pains. JJ matches my type-A personality with thoughtful multi-week plans to first address my issues and then to improve my health more broadly. He knows I value my time, so he makes sure I get the most out of it both in and out of the gym. Improved health is a function of both exercise and nutrition. JJ goes the extra mile to make sure I address both in a way that matches my lifestyle. I don’t have time to make elaborate healthy meals. JJ taught me how to whip up an unquestionably healthy breakfast in under 3 minutes AND helped me commit to making it. He is a brilliant strategist.
From the start JJ worked to understand my strengths and weaknesses and he now regularly pushes me beyond what I think is possible for myself. I’ve increased my strength and lowered my body fat. But to just talk about how great a trainer JJ is misses half the story. JJ is a good human. He’s somebody you wake up at 5 AM for because he’s going to be there for you. And he’s not going to lay it on thick or just tell you what you want to hear. He’s going to be straight with you, make you stronger and happier and best of all make you laugh when you need it the most.
JJ is the world’s best trainer! I just completed my first six week program with him and couldn’t be happier. In just six weeks, I’ve increased my lean muscle mass (mostly in my booty), decreased my body fat percentage and seen improvement in my endurance, flexibility and overall strength. JJ incorporates high intensity cardio, strength training with weights, core strengthening and mobility and stretching exercises into each of our workouts. He is a fun, inspirational, effective and knowledgeable trainer. I’m looking forward to many more kickass training sessions with JJ!
My now husband and I started working with JJ about six months before our big day. While he met with us separately, he planned workouts that were specific to what we needed to accomplish individually while keeping in mind what was going on in our lives and to meet our joint goal—look and feel amazing on our wedding day. His attention to detail and personalized workouts are just one of the reasons we both saw great results. We had planned to only work with JJ up until our wedding, but have enjoyed our training sessions so much that we both are continuing our training even after saying I Do!
A few years ago I wrote a review singing the praises of JJ Jordan, a personal trainer at Equinox Pine Street. I feel it’s time to update that review by saying that, somehow, JJ has grown EVEN STRONGER over the years. When I met him, he had an astounding wealth of knowledge on exercise and nutrition, but since then he’s significantly ADDED to it, making him what has to be one of the most well-rounded fitness experts in the city. But most importantly, JJ is able to connect with clients on a personal level, helping them through the highs and lows of the process... not just over the first few months, but over the years. He knows when to push, when to encourage, and when to help you see the forest through the trees. You should make a good decision for your life and sign up for personal training with JJ.
In the first six weeks of training with JJ I lost 10lbs, 3.7% of my body fat and gained a pound of muscle. I was THRILLED! JJ is an awesome trainer and I love working with him. Not only does he make sure our sessions are varied and enjoyable, he also gives great nutritional guidance (the nutrition side is optional but definitely take advantage!). He is literally changing the way I think about what I put in my body and making it so much easier to resist the junk that I used to rely on to keep me going through the day. In the last couple of weeks I have had so many compliments from friends and co-workers about how much weight I’ve lost and how great I look and I owe a huge part of that to JJ.
JJ is an awesome trainer and a great person. I wanted a trainer who would be able to help me keep muscle and tone while I trained for a couple of marathons — it’s not easy to keep muscle when you’re running 40 miles a week. JJ has come up with creative exercises that give me a great full body workout that I can do a couple times a week with him. I spend the other days running. His workouts really compliment my marathon training. He is high energy and extremely knowledgable and he seems to care genuinely about his clients and clearly wants the best for them. I can’t say enough positive things about JJ.
I am turning 40 next year and have been struggling with my weight for all my life. I’ve tried countless fab diets, informercial products promising motivation and “personal” training experience, countless other gyms before joining Equinox FiDi. JJ bar none is the best trainer Equinox has. He has exceeded my expectations and has help me go from a 42in waist to 36in waist. He has delivered results. He’s genuinely invested in my success. He cares about form and about doing an exercise right to get the maximum impact. If you are looking for a personal trainer hands down JJ is it.
My schedule can be crazy and I had some injuries we had to work around. Despite both of these obstacles, I saw measurable results: body fat down, lean body mass/strength up, weight down and overall fitness up,. JJ is absolutely passionate about what he does and will be as engaged as you allow by providing homework, pre-planned workouts for when you travel, regular check-ins on the weekend and nutritional advice. JJ is a delight to be around. He is a sparkler. He is the definition of positivity. So no matter how stressed, tired, rushed or grouchy you may be at the beginning of your session, I guarantee you will walk away feeling happy and accomplished. He is simply the best.

- Lulu

JJ’s training methods have enabled me to pursue my required fitness goals of endurance, strength, and speed. His workout regimens and coaching have allowed my successful participation in several physically and psychologically challenging events that have required mental toughness, strength and endurance. Despite having an old shoulder injury we’ve been able to progress my training to include Olympic lifts such as cleans, jerks and snatches which have only continued to help improve my performance in and out of the gym.
I’m giving this Equinox a 5-star for one simple reason: JJ Jordan. JJ is a Level 3+ trainer at this location and teaches the best group fitness class I’ve ever taken. His Body Challenge class (Tuesday and Thursdays) is such a good workout. I also work with JJ as a personal trainer and I can share that the Body Challenge class is essentially like getting personal training from him with about 20-25 other people in the room. He consistently has a plan in mind for what muscles he’ll be targeting that week / month and creates quick circuits that are challenging but move quickly. He’s extremely mindful of the room to ensure everyone is doing the exercises correctly and always will have a back up exercise for you to do if requested. And as if that wasn’t enough, JJ is also extremely well versed in nutrition. On top of his skill, JJ is one of those people that just brightens up your entire day. He is hilarious, encouraging and engaging all through class. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is - JJ will make sure that you leave with a great workout and a smile on your face.

- Erica T.

Equinox Pine St. has been a life changer for me. I joined two years ago after losing my drive to work out. After doing two boot camp sessions and going to JJ’s Body Challenge Tuesday and Thursdays I have lost 30 lbs, and dropped 21 minutes off my marathon time. I can not say enough good things about the Body Challenge class, the class and JJ challenge me every week to get stronger.
JJ knows what he is doing and he can make a huge impact on your life. As a former athlete, I have many sports related injuries including 3 ACL tears and 5 knee surgeries. My doctors essentially told me I would no longer be able to live my active lifestyle: surfing, hiking, rock climbing. I was told to wait until medical technology improved enough to fix my knee. Since working with JJ I have now summited Half Dome, Mauna Loa (13.6k ft) and can hike over the most rugged terrain. It is amazing the progress we have made and overcoming my limitations.
JJ was god-sent. I don’t mean that lightly. I never thought I would spend money on personal fitness until I met JJ. From our very first conversation, I felt that I was talking to someone who was invested in my situation and goals. I came to JJ after becoming frustrated with trying to reach my goals myself and failing/hurting myself. When we started working together, I had a fairly limiting knee injury. Regardless of that, JJ listened to my goals and pushed me to reach them. He also taught me to move better, without pain while ramping me up to get stronger. Every day that I worked out with JJ, I felt more confident and more capable to manage my own fitness. The results speak for themselves: I’ve lost 5% body fat, and I don’t plan to stop any time soon. Best money I’ve ever spent.
Training makes me feel productive, pushes my limits and energizes me, especially if I’ve had a busy or a “meeeh” day. I also find that I feel better about myself emotionally, physically and spiritually after training. My #1 goal: Be the best version I can be, and truly understand why I am doing certain exercises. This is also why I enjoy working out with JJ because JJ explains to me in-depth, with patience, why he wants me to do a certain exercise. This demonstrates to me JJ’s passion in training, commitment to his clients, and in-depth knowledge of fitness.
I’ve had sessions with JJ one to two times a week for five months now, and I still look forward to each and every one. I started with JJ as part of therapy to regain shoulder strength following a surgery. I’ve continued because he keeps me enthused and achieving my personal fitness goals. His positive attitude, knowledge of exercises, focus during our sessions, communication skills, and reliability are second to none. I can’t recommend him enough.
I am 55 years old and in pretty decent shape. Over the past year or so I have gained about 20 pounds, and it seemed no matter what I did the weight was not really coming off. Enter JJ Jordan. I have had three sessions with JJ over the past few months and am thrilled to say that I am only 3 pounds away from my goal weight. JJ is a sympathetic and understanding person who works with you to get to the heart of your issues and then gives you the tools to effectively and realistically deal with them. By examining my diet, JJ made me understand my relationship with food so much better, explaining that is not all or nothing when it comes to watching what you eat. Eating healthier doesn’t necessarily mean giving up everything you love to eat.

- Dan L.

JJ has helped me change the way I think about fitness. His sessions are always challenging yet fun. We’re constantly changing it up so every muscle of my body is challenged and left feeling slightly sore (in a good way). One of my favorite things about JJ is his dedication to your success–he sends me nutrition and workout ‘homework’ and checks in to see how I’m doing regularly. Before, I would never go to the gym and I thought working out just took too long. JJ sends me full workouts I can complete within 45 minutes. If you are looking for a trainer, I highly recommend JJ. You are guaranteed to get in shape and have fun while you do it. He’s simply the best. Thanks for everything, JJ!
“JJ” is by far the best personal trainer I’ve ever worked with, and there have been several others over the years. I wasn’t sure we had anything in common when we first met; he’s tall, young, handsome and of course, incredibly fit. But when he told me his story: “I was the chubby shy Southern kid for whom gym class was a daily hell”, I found tremendous inspiration in his journey and always look forward to our sessions each week. JJ is professional, personable (with a wicked sense of humor!), completely focused and he makes the most of the time we spend together, varying my workout routine every session to avoid repetition and is always ready to answer any questions about fitness and nutrition. Thank you JJ for helping me realize that what I thought was just a dream, can actually come true!
I’ve worked out with JJ for over a year. He’s a fantastic personal trainer - extremely knowledgeable and incredibly supportive. I’m a former college athlete and have some experience with weight training in the past, but I’d recommend JJ for people at all levels of fitness and experience. JJ goes above and beyond for his clients and really takes pride in their accomplishments both in and outside the gym.
JJ creates a safe and judgment free experience. He has a sincere desire to help his clients accomplish their goals, which goes much farther than having a fit physique, but having a healthy emotional relationship with fitness, body image and nutrition. I sustained a shoulder injury and JJ customized my workouts to help my shoulder heal while strengthening specific parts of my body to prevent future injuries. JJ always challenges me physically, pushing me to discover what I am capable of. To ignore the cost of personal training would be disingenuous. It is expensive, but JJ is worth it. Personal training is an investment in my life. Feeling strong and healthy, looking good and being happy is priceless. Having a healthy mind, body and soul is the best return on investment.
JJ not only designed a fitness plan that keeps things interesting, but is knowledgeable about the different muscle groups, and what exercises are most beneficial for each. We’ve worked together to increase my strength and improve cardio. He is equally good at training me at my healthiest as he is when I suffered from a running injury. JJ is incredibly kind, and so easy to get along with. He has excellent communication skills and is always focused on our session when we meet. If you are looking for a trainer who will make you work hard, but make the hour go by so quickly you’ll barely notice, then I would highly recommend JJ!
I lost 2% body fat in just one month with two sessions a week with JJ (and this was with Thanksgiving and Christmas mind you). I have a really busy schedule but training with JJ improves my mental state—it makes me feel energetic, happy, sharp and I’m even more productive. I have waited a long time to find someone who was knowledgeable enough to scientifically craft a program designed for my body specifically. JJ does this each session. I feel great in my clothes and I’m proud to say, I’m sizing down thanks to JJ. JJ is the shining star of this gym.
Before JJ, I hated working out and had to force myself to show up. Today, I actually enjoy working out and find it much easier to incorporate it into my schedule even when I travel. This is because JJ patiently worked with me, despite my grumbling, to make getting in shape bearable and motivating. He keeps the workouts moving fast so I don’t have time to hate it or be bored. Before I knew it I was stronger and able to do more and motivated to eat better. Working for Equinox is not just a job for JJ, it is his career for which he brings passion and excellence to the table. Working with JJ is much more than just training, it’s about lifestyle change.
JJ is a passionate trainer who celebrates his clients’ personal journeys, and I highly recommend him for anyone at any fitness level. He will take the time to understand your goals, map a program to help you achieve them and—most importantly—champion your progress.