Ditch the Diets and Focus on These 12 Strategies for Better Nutrition

Whether your goal is to lose body fat, increase muscle mass or just to be healthy and live a long life, ditch the crazy crash diets and focus on longterm behaviors that deliver sustainable results. Easier said than done, I know. The supplement, publishing and media industries have flooded our brains with so much conflicting information and misleading imagery that most of us have no clue what to believe or where to begin. Enter these 12 fundamental strategies for eating healthier and making better choices from Equinox.

Nutrition is both difficult and simple at the same time. Making the right choices can be difficult given your environment, support and lifestyle but simple in that healthy choices can be the most logical. Review the 12 Nutritional Pillars of Equinox for some sound guidance on where you can begin to make healthier choices. Highlight the ones you are already doing and keep it up. Make note of the ones you could improve upon. Choose only one new pillar that you can start incorporating today and be 100% successful over the next month until it becomes a habit and then move on to another. If one doesn't appeal to your personal food ethic, skip it.

I've had the pleasure of presenting the 12 Nutritional Pillars of Equinox to several leading companies in San Francisco over the past year. If you're interested in arranging for a trainer in your area to present on this or other topics to your company, message me and I can connect you with the appropriate regional corporate account executive. 

The 12 Nutritional Pillars: 

  1. Focus on Eating Nutrient Dense Foods Rather Than Counting Calories
  2. Get Your Nutrients From Food, Not Supplements
  3. Eat Minimally Processed Foods without Added Sugars
  4. Employ a Seasonal Detox to Help Achieve Optimal Results
  5. Fuel Properly Pre- and Post- Workout
  6. Eat a Predominantly Vegetable-Based Diet
  7. Eat Clean, Lean Protein with Each Feeding Opportunity
  8. Increase Intake of Water and Healthy Fluids
  9. Eat Locally, In-Season and Organically Whenever Possible
  10. Eat Healthy Fats Daily
  11. Regulate Blood Sugar By Being Strategic About Total Carbohydrate Load
  12. Learn to Listen to Your Body’s Hunger and Satiety Cues