Two 50# Dumbbells, Two 20kg Kettlebells, Two 25# Dumbbells, Hip Circle, Foam Roller, Resistance Band

Homework Outs

Warm Up x 2 sets

Foam Roll, Band Overheads (like the PVC at Pine) and 6 Walkouts
Banded Lateral Steps and Glute Bridges 1m each
Banded Plank 1m

Week 1

Superset A x 3-4 sets
50# Goblet Squats x 12
Single Arm Bent Over 50# Row x 10-12e
Eccentric Leg Lowers x 12 (5 sec release)

Superset B x 3-4 sets
Two 20kg KB Deadlifts x 12
Bent Over Reverse Flies 25# DBs x 12
20kg KB Swings x 15

Week 2

Superset C x 3-4 sets
Two 25# Reverse Lunges x 10e
Floor 50# DB Press/Twist x 10-12
Deficit Push Ups (5 sec lower) Hands on DBs x 10-12

Superset D x3-4 sets
Standing Bicep Curls 25# DBs x 10
Standing Hammer Curls 25# x 10
Standing Resistance Band Partial Pulses x 10-20

Files and Resources

Jason's InBody scan archive
Nike Training Guide
JJ's Guide (for recipe ideas)