Warm up

Same as at home


Continue to get ~2 hours/week of low intensity HR cardio


Track in app and text JJ each day a summary for accountability

Travel Strength Workout

Super Set x 3

Paloff Press x 12 reps each side 10#
Goblet Squat x 12 reps 30# DB
Cable Lat Pull Down - 2 Handle Grip x 12 reps 55#

Super Set x 3

Plank on forearms x 1m
Seated Row (any attachment) x 12 reps 55#
Reverse Lunges with 15# DBs x 12 each side

Super Set x 3

DB Deadlift (just like in class) 20-25# DBa x 12 reps
Single Arm DB Row (just like in class) 20# DB x 12 reps each side
Side Plank x 30s each side