Virtual Training

As a personal trainer, I know it can be difficult to schedule a time to workout within a busy schedule. That’s why I’ve developed a growing library of recorded treadmill, outdoor running and strength workouts within the Vivo App. Now, you can workout with me one-on-one in person at Equinox, in groups via my group fitness classes and remotely anytime through Vivo.

About Vivo

Vivo features top trainers that coach subscribers through a library of treadmill, HIIT, Strength, Core, Yoga, Walking, Outdoor Running, Biking and Elliptical workouts. There is something for everyone with beginner, moderate and advanced options starting at 5 minutes and beyond. You can pick workouts based on time, skill level, muscle groups, goals and caloric burn. Vivo also includes a robust exercise library with detailed images and descriptions and tons of delicious recipes curated by world class nutritionists. Click on the image below for a video demo of how it all works. 

Gone are the days spent with your head buried in your phone trying to keep up with the coach. Vivo workouts are audio recorded so you can listen to clear instructions and cues that will guide you. In addition, the app features a detailed photo gallery of the moves too. Listen to over 1,200 playlists across your favorite genres over the course of your training. Vivo is designed to make you feel like you're in the room with a top personal trainer during every session.

Vivo offers two auto-renewing subscription options:
$8.99 per month
$89.99 per year