Nutrition Coaching

Having struggled for decades to achieve a balanced, healthy approach to nutrition I completely understand the frustration many of my clients go through. I help them realistically look at their current eating habits and goals and determine incremental, manageable improvements that will have the biggest impact.

I do not push or promote any specific diets, supplements or products. I encourage eating real food that fits each client’s food ethic and lifestyle focusing on the 12 Pillars of Nutrition. Together we leverage the right tools for ensuring success and long-term health versus unsustainable, unhealthy crash diets or fads. Some of these tools include periodic food journaling, meal prep strategies, identifying healthy delivery and restaurant options, pre-/post-workout nutrition as well as advanced approaches like macronutrient splits.

I integrate nutrition coaching into personal training sessions for my personal training clients. I also offer virtual nutrition coaching for non personal training clients. How does this work?  First, I send you an email questionnaire and based on your responses I provide customized information and recommendations to consider. We schedule an initial 30 minute phone call to review and discuss a game plan moving forward. I charge an hourly fee similar to my training rate for virtual coaching. Contact me for more information. 

I am Precision Nutrition L1 Certified. I am not a nutritionist or registered dietician (and I don’t pretend to be). If my client has needs beyond my legal and ethical scope of practice and training, I refer them to and partner with some of the industry's leading speciality healthcare professionals. Together we provide a holistic, integrated approach to ensure health from the inside out. 

JJ’s attention in both listening to what I wanted to achieve through nutrition counseling and then designing a program for me, was invaluable. It turned out that I did not need to deprive myself at all in getting a leaner physique – in fact quite the opposite. I learned how the combination of the foods I had been consuming, even in moderation, were not sufficient for my goals. In no time, I felt less hungry, more energetic and also lost some weight.
— Michael D.