JJ teaches the best group fitness class I’ve ever taken. His Body Challenge class is essentially like getting personal training from him with about 20-25 other people in the room. He’s extremely mindful of the room to ensure everyone is doing the exercises correctly On top of his skill, JJ is one of those people that just brightens up your entire day. He is hilarious, encouraging and engaging all through class. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is he will make sure that you leave with a great workout and a smile on your face.
— Erica T.

Group Fitness

Are you ready for a 45-minute total body workout that will blast your booty, back, chest and core while kicking up your metabolism for the day through a mix of strength moves and cardio intervals? Join me at Equinox Pine Street from 6-6:45a every Tuesday for Body Challenge and every Thursday from 6-6:45a every Thursday for Ropes and Rowers. These classes are free to Equinox members. No advanced signup required for Body Challenge. Sign-up for Ropes and Rowers via the Equinox app.

What to Expect

You can expect an efficient and effective total body workout in every class. We will focus on compound, multi-joint movements that hit all the big muscle groups to maximize caloric burn and build functional strength. The meat of each class will consist three lower body, three upper body and three core circuits which we will progress three times each. Within each circuit we will hit three variations of a move including strength, endurance and HIIT. So whether you want to get stronger, leaner or increase your endurance (or all three) you'll be set. 

Is This Class for Me?

All ages, body types and levels welcome and will be challenged appropriately. No gimmicks, crazy tricks or dangerous moves here. Just solid programming backed by years of personal and group training experience and science delivered by a passionate coach (me!). If you have an acute injury please consult with a medical professional to get the ok to workout first. If you have a non-acute injury or issue I can almost always work with you and change movements as needed. Safety of my students is #1.

What Should I Eat Before and After Class?

It depends on your body and your goals. Some people simply can't eat this early in the morning. And some people specifically don't eat before an early workout because they are intentionally fasting. Decide what works best for you. If you skip breakfast and become light headed or dizzy in class consider trying a piece of fruit with nut butter (apple and almond butter for instance) or a smoothie to get some good carbs and healthy fat in before class. A little coffee is fine before class, but please drink plenty of water before, during and after class. Post workout you'll likely want to load up on protein, fruits/veggies and a little starch. Checkout this post for more info on pre- and post-workout nutrition.

Should I Warm Up First?

I will lead each class in a 4-minute dynamic warm up to prep your body for the day's program. The warm up will include specific muscle activation and joint mobility drills. If you have time, it would be a GREAT idea to foam roll and perform any specific warm ups that are part of your normal pre-workout routine (foam rolling, dynamic stretching, etc). Here is one of my favorite dynamic warm ups if you need some inspiration. 

About the Instructor

JJ has been helping clients and leading boot camps at Equinox Pine Street since 2013. Read more about JJ's story, checkout what his clients say about him and get a list of his always expanding certifications and specialities


Contact me. I'll see you in class!

What Are People Saying About BODY CHALLENGE?

The best part about Equinox Pine is JJ’s Body Challenge class every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 am. I have always aspired to be an early morning exerciser, but could never sustain it until I found this class. It’s about as fun as a strenuous workout can get. Thanks for whipping us into shape, JJ!
— Laura S.
Equinox Pine St. has been a life changer for me. I joined two years ago after losing my drive to work out. After doing two boot camp sessions and going to JJ’s Body Challenge Tuesday and Thursdays I have lost 30 lbs, and dropped 21 minutes off my marathon time. I can not say enough good things about the Body Challenge class, the class and JJ challenge me every week to get stronger. The focus on pure strength let’s me do my cardio later in the day with a run outside. JJ is an amazing instructor and truly cares about each of his students taking the time to ensure they are doing things correctly and offering advice for injuries or how to get better. I also really appreciate the 6am start time!
— Lisa V.
I was a little hesitant when this class was introduced, as a lot of “weights” focused classes seem the same after awhile. However, in this class I never fail to get an excellent workout. Although the class is weights based, the exercises change on a regular basis so you aren’t doing the same thing every week. No matter if you have been taking the class from the beginning or you are reading this review and thinking of checking it out, JJ manages to focus on building strength and increasing your abilities as time goes on (so it doesn’t matter if you feel like you are starting at square 1, you will get stronger!). Even with a full class, I feel like I get the individual attention that I get when I train with JJ separately (and having done so for 4 years, I say that with confidence). If you’re looking for a class that gives you a fantastic workout, led by a truly amazing instructor, give Body Challenge a try!
— Sarah S.
JJ at Equinox Pine Street is the best trainer in the world and now he has joined the ranks of the best group fitness instructors. His 45 minute morning class on Tuesdays - BODY CHALLENGE - is amazing. He incorporates complex, compound movements and focuses on muscle activation and strengthening. Even though it is a group fitness class, it feels customized because of his attention to each individual there. His Body Challenge class is full of big, effective and efficient circuits that work all three energy systems. Not to mention his energy and playlists are legit! It is a total body work out perfect for me to start my day off right! Thanks JJ!
— Kim M.