Holiday Gifts Any Fitness Buff Will Love

It's that time of year again and folks are beginning to grill me for fitness-related gift ideas. Here are a few of my favorite things that are sure to please anyone trying to fit fitness and nutrition into a busy, balanced life. 

Moleskine Notebook 

Huh? A notebook?! But that's so low tech. Exactly. A basic, classic Moleskine notebook is the perfect tool for keeping track of your workouts. Many trainers use these for developing and tracking client programs and progress. Apps, spreadsheets and all that high tech stuff can be overwhelming. Keep it simple. And for extra cool points get it embossed.

Olivers All Over Short

I was recently introduced to this brand and have become a convert. They have lots of great stuff but I am particularly fond of the sleek and durable All Over Short. It has a built-in lining that doesn't bunch up around the goods. The material of other popular brands can be too flimsy. The All Over Short is slightly thicker so they stay dry no matter how hard you sweat. Also, they make your butt look awesome so what's not to love?


If you have a Crossfit fanatic on your list, no question, get them a Rouge gift card. Seriously, they love this s*it. It's like Crossfit crack. 


I love a good band. Bands for glute activation. Bands for mobility work. And bands for resistance training on the go. These are great for folks who travel but want to keep fit and active while on the road or in the air for the holidays or for business. 

Fitbit Surge

A year later and I still wear my Fitbit Surge every day. It's the best product out there, IMHO, for tracking steps, calories, runs and other exercise, heart rate, time and sleep. It integrates nicely with other popular apps like MyFitnessPal and it's got a sleek and clean design. Going to keep rocking mine in 2017.


Everyone needs a little help from time to time with their meal prep game. So consider hooking your friends and family up with one of these meal delivery services. And you can never go wrong with a Whole Foods gift card.


If you have someone in your life who LOVES to workout outside of the gym (at home, in the park or in hotels while traveling), consider gifting them a personal TRX. I loan mine out to clients all the time and they love it. It comes in a handy travel pouch along with instructions and workout suggestions. It's light weight and compact enough to throw into a purse, book bag or carryon.

Most folks, myself included, don't update their running shoes as often as they should. Shoes become worn down, beat up and stinky which can lead to poor arch support, injuries and awkward situations. is the bomb. They have every shoe under the sun, quick delivery and the BEST return policy. You can't go wrong with a e-gift card.

Trigger Point Foam Roller and Deskbound

This is my favorite foam roller. It's firm (but not 50 Shades firm). It comes in fun colors. And it's hollow/small enough to fit in a carry on. Pair it with this MUST read book and you'll be giving the gift of mobility and health that will have a big impact. This one is even smaller, but I don't like it as much. 


Personally, I would LOVE it if someone made me a Spotify playlist with their favorite workout jams. If you know your friend uses Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, etc you can pretty easily make them a modern day mixed tape for next to nothing. And if you don't know what app they use, you can never go wrong with an iTunes gift card.