Do You Have to Give Up Alcohol to Meet Your Health Goals?

I work with loads of successful, social and often high-stressed individuals who enjoy the occasional (or more than occasional) glass (or two or three or four) of wine (or cocktails) at the end of the day. Sometimes they want to talk about it. Sometimes they don’t want to go there. But usually at some point (typically during a plateau) I end up being asked what a reasonable alcohol intake looks like for their fitness and health goals. I don’t tell people what to do. I provide them information and tools and serve as a resource to hold them accountable to what they decide.

With that said, I’ll just leave this right here. ::wink:: It’s a fantastic and informative article by Camille DePutter of Precision Nutrition which explores the real tradeoffs of alcohol consumption.

The bottom line is alcohol is high in calories and low in most nutrients. It’s tough to lose body fat, increase muscle or improve athletic performance while drinking a lot of the stuff. The potential health benefits of low to moderate consumption are still being debated (and the risks of heavy drinking are well established). For many, drinking is fun and can be a normal part of a balanced social life. If you wonder whether you should take a look at how much you drink as it pertains to your goals, give the article a read.

Bottoms up!

(Editor’s note: full disclosure, I happen to be sober. I wish I could drink moderately. My brain and body won’t let me so I abstain. But I don’t push others to do the same. Again, I just provide information to help my awesome clients make informed decisions.)